"Finally Revealed- The root of all evil (sickness) in the body system and how to cast it out totally without Fasting and praying a day. "

Our body was created perfectly by the maker with no blemish.    

Blood, water, vein, arteries, organs working perfectly in harmony.    

With no hypertension, diabetes, stress, arthritis, cancer, insomnia, obesity and every other common sickness that Man has become accustomed to.    

Just like eating the forbidden fruit, sickness wasn’t in the initial plan of the maker but man has gone far from nature and the effect has been nothing short of nightmare.    

Our everyday life has taken us away from nature, eating right, living right.    

Now human depends on more artificial creations that wasn’t meant for the body.

 Fast food instead of raw foods.  

 Canned/preserved food instead of well cooked meals.  

beverage/beer instead of water  

packaged Fruit juice instead of natural fruit


Causing huge imbalance in the body system…which is the root cause of all sickness the body experience.  


Think about this.., whenever we are sick, the doctor says there is something wrong, not working well, or completely bad in the body system.  


Have we ever bothered to ask why did this happens if it wasn’t like that before.  


This is as the result of the imbalance we cause in our body unknowingly or knowingly from the far-from-nature habit we have adopted from past generations which are passed over to us.  


To make matter worse, we are even going farther from nature with more advancement of technology and knowledge,.  


This imbalance which we cause in our body system with our far from nature way of life,  our organs, muscle. arteries, vein, etc start getting affected.  


Which eventually start manifesting as different sickness which doctors and scientist now give different name.


Of course to sell their services and drugs etc.    


So is there a way to remove/cast out the imbalance in our body?    


The maker who created the body has also provided a way to bring our body back to nature and remove the imbalance in the body system which is the root cause of all sickness.    


This solution is referenced both inside the holy bible and Quran.    


It’s called a miracle that can cure every disease except death.    


Of course no reason for death (except at old age) if the body is in perfect balance and health.  


Good thing is; it doesn’t have to do with praying or fasting or leaving what you love doing most(in the oza room).  


And it works for anyone even if you are not a Muslim or Christian.

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