Little Known Miracle Seed Talked About In The Holy Books That Can Take Away
That Stomach Pain You Get Every Now And Then Forever.

What if there a solution to that Stomach pain you might be facing ?

A solution so effective in the body that the holy Bible and the holy Quran talked about.

What if just like the helms of the garment that cured the woman with the issue of blood story in the bible ?

There is a little talked about miracle seed that can take away that Stomach pain forever, And will allow you stop depending on drugs every now and then...

Will you happily do whatever it takes to lay your hand on this secret?

If your answer to this is a loud YES...

Then Read every word on this page, not just for the fun of it but take action immediately...

The same immediate action others like you have taken and have sent us numerous feedbacks and testimonials.

I mean in thousands...

But here are some we think we give you an expose into what you are about to discover and also lay your hands on.

Now that you know,

Today is that day you have secretly being praying to God for; A lasting solution to that Stomach pain you face or your loved one face.

Because that prayer has finally been answered in a miracle seed called the black cumin seed.

Black cumin seed has been a secret that has lived with the wealthy class for generations.

Most people believe it was first found in the tomb of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh named Tutankhamun.

But For centuries, the Black Seed (Nigella Sativa) herb and oil have been used by millions of people in Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa

Before we move on..

Who Am I And How I Discovered The Miracle Seed I'm About To Share With You. 

Hi, my name is Olujimi,

Just like many people in Nigeria;

I didn't even know what Black Cumin seed was, never heard about it.

until I was diagnosed of Stomach ulcer.

Tried every drug under the sun, spent thousands of naira but nothing seemed to be working. All my doctor told me was..,

"Mr Olujimi, you can only manage this, you cannot cure it." 

You have probably heard such from your doctor too.

To say I was devastated will be an understatement, how do I live on drugs from my age (in my 30's)?

The ulcer pains always comes back and when it does, it comes with deep sharp pain every second.

My life was a living hell.

How Venting My Frustration Lead To Discovering The Cure

 Out of frustration one day, I posted on my whatsapp status.  

It was just me voicing out my frustration.

Aside from hundreds of friends on whatsapp voicing their frustration about same.

Which showed me I wasn't alone...

An old friend of mine (Kingsley) who saw the post replied with something different and that was the beginning to my journey to recovery.

Kingsley asked if I have heard of black seed oil...Up to that time, I didn't even know anything was called black seed, talk less of the oil.

To further drive home his point after telling me his own experience with black seed oil,

How someone recommended Black seed, though the person told him about buying the seeds and chewing it.

And with further research, he discovered there was black seed oil which is actually extracts from the black cumin seeds.

He Tried Different Brands Of Black Seed Oil But Didn't Get Any Results Like He Expected 

 Until he came across a brand by the name  'Amazing Herbs' that's made in Georgia, USA.  

The only company that retains 100% of the potency of Black cumin seed after extraction.

 Unfortunately, the brand is not readily available in Nigeria, so he had to order it from USA.

 (65 years old with sever stomach ulcer got totally cured 6 weeks taking Amazing Herbs black seed oil)

He bought one for himself and for his father who had Severe Ulcer....and within 3 weeks, the father went a full week for the first time without stomach pain.

As if that was not enough for me to believe all he was saying since he doesn't even sell the product.

He still told me a number of his friends he has told about the miracle in a bottle product and all came back with good testimonies.

After hearing all the things Kingsley told me...  

It was like a light bulb went off in my head...I couldn't sleep through the night.


I kept researching and researching about this miracle seed called the Black seed/Black cumin seed.    

I found thousands of testimonies from people around the world, talking about how black seed helped them.

Below Are some of the testimonies I found online... 

Here Is What Happened To Me After Talking Amazing Herb Black Seed Oil 

 After hearing and seeing all the testimonies about the miracle in a bottle called the black seed oil,   

I couldn't wait to start taking it too.  

2weeks after placing the order from America, I had the bottle in my hands.   One week after I started taking the black seed oil, I noticed some changes in my body.


For the first time in years, I ate a hot spicy food and EBA and I didn't end up at the hospital, my stomach ulcer was gone.

I was sleeping better and had better focus at work.  

 I felt more energized.  

 I had more strength i could do anything throught thr day and not get tired

 My doctor told me there has been a great improvement and asked how i did it.  

 With weeks I was totally off all medications i have been using for years

I knew I couldn't Keep This Miracle To myself...PLUS I Need To  Find A Way To Get This Miracle In A Bottle Called "Amazing Herb Black Seed Oil" to Every Home Who Cares About Their Health Or Just Want To Stop Depending On Drugs.  

I felt it will be a sin to God for not telling everyone who cares to listen about this miracle oil.

That rescued me from the cold hands of Severe ulcer, helped Kingsley 65 years old dad and several other of my friends fight ulcer.

Helped Thousands if not millions people around the world reset their system to its healthy default self.

I decided to work with a company who could help me put my message on the internet which I believe is the best way to reach more people at once.

Which is why you can be at the comfort of your home right now and still see my message about the miracle in a bottle called the Amazing Herb Black seed oil.

But that left me with one more hurdle to cross to be able to deliver this miracle in your hands and every other person who I know needs it in their life.

How I Made Amazing Herbs Black Seed Oil Readily Available In Nigeria Instead Of Waiting For Weeks And Also Spending More To Get It.

 Like I said earlier,..    

Getting the brand of black seed oil that lets you enjoy the full benefit of the miracle seed isn't easy in Nigeria.    

So I took it upon myself to invest my own money to order 50 bottles into Nigeria so that you can lay your hands on a bottle as soon as you place an order.    

So no more waiting for weeks before it arrives Nigeria.    

Which makes it first come, first serve basis.

 But That Is Not All You Get When You Place Order For The Amazing Herbs Black Seed Oil Today.

 If you place your order today, You will get the following:

Amazing Herbs Black Seed Oil .

 Amaris Pure Natural Bee Honey 

Black Seed Oil “The Cure for Everything Except Death” 

Diet Healing Breakthrough (A practical guide to eating for a better health) ” 

If I decide to ask you to invest N50,000 into your health and you are gauranteed to feel much better and stop depending on daily drugs intake.  

Im sure you will be happy.  

But I want this to be easily accessible to everyone who needs it, hence my decision to put at a rock bottom price that anyone who is serious about their health will be able to invest in themselves.  

So if you take action and place your order today, You will get All for a token of
(24hours delivery only in Lagos, 3 to 5 working days outside lagos)

How To Order

Pay Now And Enjoy a 10% discount
N27,500 Only

SECURED ATM Card Payment

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Bank Deposit, Internet/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money etc 

STEP 1: Make a deposit/transfer of N27,500 into;

Account Name: Amaris Synergy Limited
Account No: 007-862-7728

STEP 2: After payment, send an email message

(not text message. Not phone call please!),



As soon as we confirm your payment, we will send out your order to the delivery company to deliver to you

Pay 100% On Delivery N30,000 Only

To pay on delivery kindly fill the form below

I want To Pick It Up Myself (N30,000)

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But wait, I have something that will even put more smile on your face for trusting me.  

Having to invest my own money to import the Amazing Herb Black seed oil means my money is tied down till you pick up your own package.  

Hence it's very important to be able to quickly have the money back so that I can import more.   Which is why I want to further give you every reason to get this now and not tomorrow. because tomorrow can be too late when it comes to our health.  

I Want this to be an easy decision for you right now, If you can walk into our store to pick it up yourself Or Makes it easy for us to serve you better by paying now,  

I'm saying Thank you for trusting me and further giving a whopping N3000 discount so instead of paying N30,000 On delivery.

You pay only N27500 Now and we will ship it faster to you. 

Yet To Place Your Order...Here Are Some More testimonies

For some people are still on the fence, and will love to see more people whose lives has been make beautiful, free of medical bills, free of drugs and medications.  

Here are some more that will definitely give you the assurance you need to place your order right now before we are sold out.

Wow! I can't wait to make an order Click here

 Still On The Fence?...How Much Is Sound Health Worth To You?

For some people, after reading  to this point, it's a no brainer for them, they have seen it, read it and they just can't wait to be putting the first spoon of the miracle oil in their mouth.    

And feel it slip down their throat into their belly and it starts to fix everything that needs fixing in their body.   But some people might still be on the fence.    

My question to anyone still contemplating much is sound health worth to you?    

Will you rather wait till the situation gets worse and you have to spend thousands just to manage.    

Or nip it in the butt once and for all with the Miracle in a bottle Amazing herb black seed oil for a token of N29,999.    

Anyways, I have done my part by putting the message out to you.    

Go further to invest my own money to import to Nigeria for you.    

Now the only thing left for your to regain perfect health is to place your order.     I trust you will make the right decision.      

To experiencing the miracle of Black seed oil and say goodbye to stomach ulcer.  




Olujimi Metilelu

Call or Whatsapp 09063204011

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